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Refreshing your skin for spring – the facial + at home care combo


Winter dryness can wreak havoc on even the most well cared for skin. A lack of hydration can cause an overall dullness and amplify the appearance of any signs of aging.

Before you book your first facial of the season, read how a radio frequency facial combined with a targeted skincare regime will have your skin glowing fast.

Venus Skin is a medical grade skincare line, offering 3 specific kits to address anti-aging, pigment or acne skin concerns. Medical grade simply means the highest concentration of active ingredients (giving you the most effective results), whose use must be overseen by a physician. Drawing from active botanical ingredients, the unique Venus Skin cleansers, moisturizers, and serums are gentle yet powerful. They are also paraben, hydroquinone, glycol and sulfate free, all of which are known carcinogens.

When combining this at home daily advancement regime with a radio frequency facial like the Venus Freeze, Venus Swan, or Venus Legacy, maximum results are achieved. Skin tone, texture, and tightness improve to reveal your skin’s healthiest, most beautiful complexion.

While Venus Skin shows incredible results after a short 28-day period, in combination with a radio frequency treatment, this can easily be reduced to only two weeks. No peels or needles necessary! Continuing with the simple 3-minute application of the Venus Skin kit, daily maintenance will keep your skin looking its very best.

What’s next for Venus Skin

The latest Venus Treatment innovation, the Venus Viva, will soon be paired with a revolutionary stem cell formulation serum, unique to Venus Skin, to boost healing and dermal rejuvenation. Follow @VenusSkin to stay up to date on our latest product innovations and to find a certified clinical provider in your city.

Take the first step towards feeling great!

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