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Picture Perfect from every angle – Preparing for Wedding Photos

Picture Perfect from every angle – Preparing for Wedding Photos

Getting ready for Wedding Day photos

Once you’ve found the dress, it all seems real. But it’s not every day we slip into a silk sheath or step into a mermaid gown, and feeling comfortable in your dress may take some getting used to. We’ve gathered tips from brides around the world to help you feel completely confident on your big day.

Practice posing

Many popular wedding dress styles will highlight your body in ways your everyday outfits do not. Try on your dress and get comfortable posing in front of a mirror, just like a celeb would before a big red carpet event. Seeing how your dress flatters you from different angles will help you to feel polished and poised.

Walk in your shoes

High heels do wonders for confidence, and instantly change how you carry yourself. There’s nothing glamorous, however, about pinched toes, blisters, or stumbling down the aisle. Wearing your shoes around the house will help you to dance all night comfortably at your reception.

Go up a size if you need to

Designer and boutique sizes can run small. Do not get hung up by a number on a tag! It’s always better to find a size that fits comfortably, and then alter any areas which do not fit snug to your body, rather than squeezing into a smaller size, only to put strain on delicate fabric. The correct size will help the body to look smooth, while a dress that is too tight can add lumps and bumps where they don’t exist.

Trust in a Tailor

Continuing our point on sizing, the reason celebs on the red carpet look like their gowns were made for their bodies, is because in many cases, they are! During award show season, it’s not uncommon for an actress to have 3 fittings to get her look just right, making sure every curve is hugged and supported. Taking the time and making the small investment in a tailor will most certainly be worth it.

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