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How to Take Control of Hair Loss Caused by Stress and Anxiety

How to Take Control of Hair Loss Caused by Stress and Anxiety

Hair loss is an extremely common problem among men and women, with 50% of women and an astounding 80% of men experiencing some form of hair loss during their lifetime. Although there are many factors that contribute to hair loss, it can still feel overwhelming. If you are suffering from hair loss, theres good news. These days there are more options than ever before, and sometimes simple lifestyle changes alone can make an incredible difference not only in your hair but in your confidence as well!

Stress Is a Major Contributor to Hair Loss

Its well known that stress can be a huge contributor to hair loss, and we are undoubtedly living in very stressful times. While stress-related hair loss is sometimes associated with an illness like alopecia, its most often something called Telogen effluvium or thinning hair related to high levels of certain hormones like cortisol. Fortunately, stress-related hair loss is generally reversible and there are many ways to reduce stress that can help you get your healthy hair back.

Prevention Is the Best Cure

Everyone goes through stressful times, and everyones body is affected by stress differently. Some of this comes down to genetics, and thats out of our control. Luckily, even if you happen to be prone to stress-related hair loss, theres a lot you can do.  

Diet and exercise can be a great way to lower your stress and encourage hair growth. The increased circulation and improved regulation of hormones associated with exercise can not only be a great way to stop hair loss, but can also help prevent it in the first place.

For people experiencing high levels of stress, meditation and yoga can be very helpful, as they get the body and mind active and are proven to have a positive effect on the mood. If you are finding it hard to shake stress or negative emotions, talking to trained professional can be beneficial. Affordable online psychiatry offers a convenient, private, and effective option for those looking to manage stress, anxiety, and other mental health conditions that can affect your quality of life.

What if My Hair Loss Is Being Caused by Something Else?

While stress is a major contributing factor to hair loss, its certainly not the only one. Genetics, diet, and illness are also important markers for whether or not youre likely to experience hair loss. The good news is that there are treatment options for all types of hair loss. Medicated shampoos and other topical treatments can be a great option for those experiencing male pattern baldness. Supplements can help give your body the nutrients it needs to grow healthy, full hair. Sometimes non-medical options can be extremely effective as well. Many people arent aware of the importance of a healthy scalp. Learning to care for your scalp can be an extremely effective way to take control of your hair right at home.

Hair Restoration Procedures for Permanent Results

For some, hair restoration can offer a more permanent solution and may be the best fit. 

When hair loss seems permanent, the best way to restore it is through a hair restoration procedure called Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE. NeoGraft® and ARTAS® take FUE one step further through automation and robotic technology. As a results, NeoGraft® and ARTAS® hair restoration treatments require no stitches, leave no visible scarring, and deliver a more natural-looking result.

ARTAS®, designed with the complexities of male hair loss in mind, uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to design the ideal extraction and placement of the hair follicles. The device’s precision and speed protect existing hair and maintain a natural appearance for the newly implanted hair. The result is a healthy-looking head of hair that lasts a lifetime.

NeoGraft® can be used to treat female and male hair loss through automated FUE using existing hair and transplanting healthy follicles through precision micrografts that cause little to no discomfort during the procedure. The transplanted hair will look natural, grow at the same rate as the surrounding hair, and should also last for life. 

If youre losing your hair, or just worried about losing your hair, youre not alone. Millions of men and women experience hair loss every year, and many dont seek treatments due to stigmas or they simply dont know where to begin. Fortunately, you dont need to suffer as there are more treatments available today than ever before. Keep your hair and feel like your best self.

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