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How to Safely Manage and Get Rid of Blackheads

How to Safely Manage and Get Rid of Blackheads

Blackheads are a common skin care concern. In fact, it’s inevitable that we’ll all see at least a few blackheads in our lives. Unfortunately, if you happen to get blackheads regularly, there’s no fix-it-and-forget-it answer. Instead, the solution lies in customizing your skin care regimen to better treat and prevent blackheads—starting with three essential tools we’ve outlined below.

But before we get to the good stuff, it’s best to know what you’re working with first to learn why it takes a holistic approach to skin care and blackhead management to get that clearer, healthier-looking skin you’re after.

What Are Blackheads and What Causes Them?

Education can be a valuable tool in any skin care routine. Being able to properly identify your skin concerns and narrow in on the cause(s) of those concerns is the first step to understanding what will really work, saving you time and money, and minimizing the risk of further damaging your skin. To start, it’s useful to book a consultation with a skin care professional. They’ll be best able to assess and analyze your skin to properly recommend the right treatment plan for you. They’ll also be there to ensure all your questions are answered if you’re concerned about aesthetic treatments or key skin care ingredients, among many other topics.

A basic understanding of blackheads might help, though, to set you on the right path before booking your aesthetics consultation. To begin, it’s important to acknowledge that your skin’s natural oils (also called sebum) is at the root of your blackhead woes. Excess oil production can make skin sticky and prevent dry or dead skin cells from flaking away. This mixture of oil and skin cells collects and settles into open pores. Unlike whiteheads, where pore openings are blocked and bacteria becomes a concern, blackheads exist in open pores. When oxygen comes into contact with this combination of oil and skin cells, it becomes oxidized and appears black. Finally, because oil production is the main culprit here, blackheads tend to be concentrated around the nose, chin, and center of the forehead—you may know it by the T-zone—where skin naturally produces the most oil.

As for what causes blackheads, there can be a slew of answers to that question. Some potential factors include a combination of genetics, environmental elements such as sun exposure and pollution, makeup and comedogenic skin care, diets heavy in high-glycemic foods (think potatoes) that promote inflammation, fitness and exercise habits, inconsistent or inadequate skin care, and the list goes on. It’s complex, so generally speaking, a healthy diet, proper skin care routine, and fending off a few bad skin care habits can help get skin back on track. However, in some cases, skin simply just produces excess oil and you’ll simply have to adapt to that and find solutions that may help keep it under control.

A quick note on at-home extractions: Don’t do it! Blackhead treatments and extractions are best left to the professionals, as applying too much pressure or squeezing skin to “pop” a blackhead could cause skin trauma, leading to raw skin, a risk of infection or scarring, or perhaps further breakouts.

Start with Skin Care

In some cases, where blackheads are minimal, oil production is normal, and skin otherwise looks healthy, some quality skin care products may be all you need. In more severe cases, where further aesthetic treatments may be required to extract blackheads, the right skin care regimen still shouldn’t be overlooked. In fact, the right products can be the perfect complement to help your skin recover post-treatment while boosting results.

Start by asking your skin care professional for their top recommendations. This can help you to get a customized recommendation and prevent you from spending too much on the wrong products at your local drugstore. One trusted and science-backed skin care line to consider may be Venus Skin™. A lineup of products designed to complement Venus treatments, Venus Skin™ ingredients are backed by advanced science and feature products meant to give your skin the added boost it needs. For removing excess oil, dirt, debris, and dead skin each day, add Venus Skin™ Renewal Cleanser to your blackhead removal and facial rejuvenation strategy. This calming cleansing gel is specially designed to remove pollutants and excess oils from the skin’s surface and is suitable for all skin types. It also prepares skin for maximum absorption of actives in your serums and moisturizers, so your skin can see all the benefits of your new skin care routine while assisting in oil control and prevention and eliminating the need for an astringent. Venus Skin™ products are available exclusively through Venus Concept providers, but you can easily find a provider in your area here.

Opt for Skin Resurfacing Treatments for Enlarged Pores

Best for treating and minimizing enlarged pores before they become blackheads, skin resurfacing treatments can offer a smart, preventive strategy that smooths skin, offering up fewer spaces for oil and dead skin cells to collect.  

While it can be difficult to know what skin resurfacing treatment might be right for you, Venus Viva™ treatments offer all the benefits of a powerful radio frequency-based skin resurfacing in quick 15-30-minute treatments. Utilizing tiny pins, thermal (heat) energy is safely delivered deep below the skin’s surface to promote skin’s natural healing cycle. In this process, micro-dermal wounds are created on the skin’s surface that the body works to repair naturally. As new skin cells are created, old, damaged skin is replaced and skin elasticity increases, firming skin and reducing the size of pores in the process. Venus Viva™ treatments can also be used to address scars and other uneven skin texture and damage concerns. Treatments are safe for all skin types and offer a low downtime. However, for blackhead removal, these treatments are best bundled with our next and final top tool for treating blackheads.

Facial Rejuvenation Treatments: Your Blackhead Essential

Facial rejuvenation treatments offer the perfect solution for dealing with blackheads. Utilizing suction technology, these treatments work to address the issue without applying undue pressure to “squeeze” out impurities, minimizing risk of further skin damage while providing a more comfortable treatment experience. While manual extractions can be effective in removing blackheads, this process can be time-consuming and doesn’t offer any added benefits. Facial rejuvenation treatments with Venus Glow™, however, provide the deepest clean for skin by using a powerful three-pronged design to open up and deep-clean pores, suction away all the bad stuff, boost local blood circulation, and deliver ultra-hydrating purified water for an immediately brighter, more revitalized complexion. In all, these facial rejuvenation treatments offer a powerful solution to help you say goodbye to blackheads and hello to a gorgeous glow. They’re the basic building block to the comprehensive blackhead treatment package you’ve been looking for.

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