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How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

It’s certainly disappointing to shave in hopes of gaining smooth, hair-free skin only to be left with redness, irritation, and razor bumps—especially before an important event or even a beach day. Soothing skin to reduce the appearance of razor burn and razor bumps is possible, but it’s important to know what exactly you’re treating before finding the right solution. Razor burn always occurs immediately post-shave, while razor bumps are linked to razor burn but are actually ingrown hairs caused by friction between the blades of your razor and sensitive skin. Learn how you can improve your hair removal routine and get rid of razor bumps once and for all.

Tips for a Smooth Shave

Razor bumps are most common in those with curly hair, those with hair that tends to grow in different directions, and areas that experience a higher degree of friction on the daily, such as the bikini line or the backs of thighs. While there is a very long list of drugstore products and DIY home remedies to treat razor bumps and burn, the following are the most effective options, ranging from all-natural home remedies to over-the-counter creams and alternative hair removal methods.

Rethink Your Shaving Routine

Always ensure you use the correct products and shave in the right direction to prevent razor bumps. Shaving once every couple of days or even just once per week can help to minimize breakage in follicles that could lead to ingrown hairs, while regular exfoliation prior to and between shaves can help minimize the blockages that lead to razor bumps. Follow up with moisturizer post-shave and after exfoliating between shaves to keep skin soft, allowing hair to more easily grow through and prevent razor bumps.

Keep an Aloe Vera Plant

Having an aloe vera plant on hand at home is useful in treating razor bumps and other forms of skin irritation as they arise. For an all-natural razor bump treatment, clip off the tip of an aloe vera leaf from your plant and apply the inner gel to the affected area. While aloe vera gel may be purchased at most drugstores, it’s important to note that many packaged products contain preservatives and additives, or they may be diluted to a point at which the aloe vera gel becomes ineffective. Fresh aloe gel is simply the easier and more consistent solution, since you know exactly what is being applied. Alternatively, witch hazel may also serve as an anti-inflammatory to effectively minimize the appearance of razor bumps.

Relax with a Hot Compress

Have your razor bump treatment multitask for you with a hot compress that works to soothe and soften skin while also invoking relaxation. Apply a hot compress to ingrown hair to soften skin, allowing for gentler and more effective exfoliation treatments that allow hair to break free and grow properly, soothing red razor bumps for a smoother shave.

Try a Hydrocortisone Cream

A stronger anti-inflammatory for swollen or irritated skin, hydrocortisone creams may be purchased over-the-counter at most drugstores, albeit creams with higher concentrations of medical ingredients may require a prescription. Apply hydrocortisone cream directly to bumps to soothe inflammation and redness. Alternatively, salicylic acid creams for acne could help soothe inflamed skin and get rid of razor bumps.

Try an Alternative Hair Removal Method

The only way to prevent razor bumps 100% is to prevent hair growth altogether. While waxing and epilation may help to reduce hair growth, you still risk the appearance of ingrown hairs or razor bumps as hair grows back in. Instead, consider a complete customized Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or laser hair removal treatment plan. IPL or laser hair removal permanently reduces hair growth via the delivery of heat energy that zaps and destroys the hair follicle deep below the skin’s surface, preventing hair regrowth and thus razor bumps in the process. The result is smooth, hair-free skin that requires little maintenance and minimal concerns regarding hair regrowth.

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