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How to Find a Unique Gift for Dad This Father’s Day


Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift for Dad can be stressful. We want him to know how much we care and how much he’s valued, but a unique gift fit for him doesn’t always pop up in common gift guides. Instead, use this guide to start generating ideas for the kind of gift you’re looking for, to find something that’s as unique as the man himself. 

When Is Father’s Day?

Before starting brainstorming for the perfect gift for dad this Father’s Day, it’s good to know what timeline is available. Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 17, 2018, so that’s your deadline. While purchasing a thoughtful customized gift may seem like the perfect idea, if you’re dealing with a short timeline or trying to work in time for shipping, it might be best to put that idea on hold for next year and seek out a gift to purchase in person or something that can be delivered digitally.

Start with a Budget 

If you’re on a limited budget, don’t underestimate the value of a coffee date. Dad knows you love him and while it may not feel like enough for the man who gave you so much, consider that for many of those days, he simply gave you his time and his love, so send that right back to him. There’s always next year to save up and wow him. This year, simply take him out for a coffee, tea, beer, or smoothie—whatever his preference—and be present. Turn off the phone and dig deep into conversation. 

For those finding themselves in a place to spend and wanting to do so on dad, consider making the plunge and purchasing something he’s been talking about treating himself to or saving up for, like that non-surgical wrinkle reduction treatment package to erase his worry lines, that new tool to take on bigger creative projects, or a bespoke custom-tailored suit for special occasions and celebrations. That way, he can use his funds to treat himself to something extra while finally getting to enjoy that one treasured item he was saving up for in the first place.

Types of Gift Ideas for Dad

Personalized Gifts: There’s nothing more creative than gifting a collection of goodies you know he’ll love. Whether your dad is a grill guy or an outdoor enthusiast, gift him a variety of goods that allow him to try new products and be a little more outfitted for his hobby of choice. For dads who care for their skin and enjoy new grooming products, consider curating a shaving or beard-care kit paired with anti-aging skincare products containing advanced stem cell technology for noticeably smoother, younger-looking skin or a custom laser or intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal treatment to tame stray hairs along the chin and jawline for the perfect, fuss-free shave every time.

Experiential Gifts: Rather than spending more money on dad, perhaps a new idea is to spend more time with him. For those who are busy with careers or their own families, it can be hard to find some one-on-one time with him, particularly if he’s a big hit with the grandkids. So, instead of purchasing a lavish material gift, consider spending money on some quality time and treat him to a cabin or camping retreat, a day driving race cars or cruising around in his favorite classic car, or a trip to the local beer or rib festival this summer. Your gift may only last a day or two, but it will give him memories to last a lifetime.

Gifts You Can Mail: Sometimes it’s not possible to be with dad on Father’s Day, but it is still possible to send him a gift to let him know you care. Consider subscription box services that cater to almost every interest, from wines to meats to men’s grooming, socks, watches, coffee, clothing, and more (here are some ideas to get you started). Alternatively, an annual subscription to his favorite news publication or magazine can be a nice treat he’ll enjoy with his morning coffee and something that won’t go unused on a shelf.

Gifts for When He Has Everything Else: For the dad who has everything and wants for nothing, opt for a gift that gives to others. Donate money to dad’s charity of choice or consider purchasing items that can then be donated in his name, such as books for a children’s literacy program. There are also plenty of charities that offer options that allow you to donate towards a specific item, such as purchasing a goat for a family in Africa, which affords them the means to create their own food, increase their independence, and even generate income.

(Still not sure what to get him? See our 6 Unique Father’s Day Gifts guide for some more brainstorming ideas.)

Thoughtful Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts

For those moments you completely blanked and forgot all about grabbing a gift, a nice bottle of liquor or a gift card to his favorite store or spa can be the perfect option, as well as opting for a gift certificate for the custom medical aesthetics treatment plan he’s been eyeing. There are also gift-giving apps that allow the user to select the gift, pay for it, then send a notice to the recipient, who can then enter the proper mailing address and receive their gift with no hassle.

Did that custom aesthetics treatment package or advanced skincare set sound like the perfect gift? Locate a certified Venus Treatments provider near you—or dad—to pick up the perfect Father’s Day gift today using our search field below.

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