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How to Beat Bra Bulge: 5 Ways to Tone Your Back

How to Beat Bra Bulge: 5 Ways to Tone Your Back

Feeling a little self-conscious about bra bulge? It’s common for women, regardless of their chest size, to see a little bit of excess fat around the bra band. The main reason is that this area tends to be one of the most difficult to target at the gym. If you’re looking to tone your back and banish bra bulge, try these exercises for a smoother, more toned back.

Jumping Rope

While cardio workouts won’t specifically target your back muscles, burning excess fat is the first step to beating bra bulge. Aim for either 30 minutes of moderate cardio five days per week or 20 minutes of high-intensity cardio for three days per week to help shed some excess weight. To better target bra bulge through cardio, jump rope. Ensure your form is correct with your chin tucked in and shoulder blades squeezed together to engage your back. Once you’ve perfected your form, switch to a weighted rope or add wrist weights to increase the challenge and better tone your back muscles.

Resistance Training: Straight Tricep Kickbacks

In addition to burning off excess fat, you’ll also want to boost your resistance training to tighten and tone your back. If you’re worried about becoming too muscular, don’t—it’s rarely the case that women gain significant muscle mass without altering their diet to include more protein. You’ll eventually hit a peak point that you can maintain by following your regular exercise routine; it’s important, though, that you continue your resistance training to avoid letting muscles go lax, which can inadvertently result in bra bulge.

One of the best exercises to banish back fat is straight tricep kickbacks. Start by standing with your arms at your sides, shoulders loose and relaxed, with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a two- to five-pound weight (feel free to adjust based on your strength and fitness level) in each hand, far enough out from your sides that they don’t hit your thighs. Hinge forward at your hips, keeping your spine straight, your core engaged, and your knees slightly bent. With your palms facing outward, pull both weights back as far as possible while keeping your arms straight (avoid locking your elbows, though). You should feel your back muscles being engaged as you pull the weights back. Repeat for eight to 10 reps. With any new exercise, it’s always a good idea to consult with a trainer or fitness expert on your form to minimize the risk of injury.

Mountain Climbers

This exercise engages your core while strengthening your back muscles, resulting in improved posture and a smoother silhouette. Begin in a plank position. Ensure your hands are shoulder-width apart, your abs and glutes are engaged, and that your knees and feet are together. Bend one knee in toward your chest with the ball of the opposite foot planted. With your hands still planted to the ground, jump and switch the positions of your legs, landing with the opposite knee bent toward the chest. Try to keep the shin of your working leg parallel to the ground to avoid lifting your backside too high into the air. Repeat rapidly for 30 seconds to a minute while focusing on keeping your core tight and your body straight.

A Twist on the Classic Jumping Jack

Compass jumping jacks are the perfect cardio/resistance hybrid when you add light wrist weights. To begin, stand with your feet together, your fists clenched, and your arms bent at 90 degrees—the upper arm should be parallel to your torso and your forearm facing upward. Do a regular jumping jack, but instead of moving your hands above your head, stretch your arms out straight in front of you at chest level. As you’re jumping out, unclench your fists and rotate your arm so that your palms are facing outward. Jump back to your original starting position and repeat. Continue this exercise for one to two minutes straight.

For an Added Boost…

Due to the large number of muscles on your back and the inability to fully target only the bra bulge area between the armpits and chest, you might not be able to see the results you’d like with exercise alone. In this case, consider non-surgical body shaping treatments as a complement to your new exercise routine. Treatments that use radio frequency energy will work to trigger a thermal reaction that breaks down fat cells in the area, resulting in a smoother shape with no downtime. Radio frequency-based body shaping treatments also boost natural collagen production for smoother, tighter-looking skin. The best part is that they’re comfortable and can be quite relaxing, which is perfect after an intense workout.

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