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Host an Award Show Party

Host an Award Show Party

While there may be mixed opinions about award shows from love to loathe, we’re sure everyone in your group can agree that you can never spend enough time together just enjoying the moment. Instead of being glued to social media, why not host a fabulous award show party of your own? With a few tips and tricks, you just may start your own new tradition.


While we can all enjoy lounging around in yoga pants or sweats, why not get a little dolled up. After all, you’re about to take in the world’s most glamorous people. Try out a Hollywood standard red lip and be the hostess with the mostess.


Even a top celebrity trainer would say, sometimes we have to indulge. If you are going to drink, choose wisely. Stick to an organic red wine and sip, swirl, savour!

To be considerate of non-alcoholic guests, be sure to have filtered water on hand, served in an art-deco glass bottle. For extra flair, try sparkling.


With the pre-show, the red carpet, and the awards themselves, your guests may be feeling peckish before the actual speeches. Instead of a traditional cheese and charcuterie board, why not arrange some lighter, movie themed fares. Pop some stovetop popcorn with coconut oil and sea salt. For a sweet crunch, fill bowls with organic dark chocolate and good for the skin almonds.


While many parties will score ballot cards on who correctly guesses the most winners, why not vote on the things you’ll truly be watching for? Setup cards for best-dressed man and woman, most stylish couple, most enviable jewels, and best hair and makeup. You’ll always have something fun to discuss, even through any awkward award show moments.

Swag Bags

While nominees will be taking home a major haul of the best in electronics, jewellery, beauty buys, and more, a simple yet unexpected gift will make your guests’ evening extra special. Anything personalized with a guest’s monogramed initials is extremely thoughtful and heartfelt. Try an artisan’s shop on Etsy for a special item.

Just for fun

Who could forget last year’s ultimate selfie? Since you’re in good company, why not snap some photos of your own viewing crew. Setup a mini step and repeat by printing a fun design from Pinterest and hanging paper squares on a wall with good lighting. Take turns posing for some memorable insta shots.

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