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Get Your Glow On! Your Guide to Your Best Skin Yet

Get Your Glow On! Your Guide to Your Best Skin Yet

The best accessory year-round is glowing, gorgeous skin. Being able to skip out on heavy concealers and foundations and showing off a naturally smooth, moisturized, radiant complexion may seem like a bit of long shot for some of us, but what if it’s not nearly as far-fetched as we might think? Swap the complex multi-step skin care regimens and expensive brightening makeup for these simple tips to reveal your healthiest, most radiant complexion yet, so you can finally get your natural glow on!

5 Simple Steps to Glowing, Radiant Skin

Prioritize a Little More Shuteye

Beauty sleep is no myth! Studies show that your body repairs itself when it rests and that includes your skin. As the body’s largest organ, your skin also happens to be one organ that is exposed to a lot of elements throughout the day. In order to recover from all the damage caused by air pollution, dirt and debris, sun exposure, and even certain indoor lighting among other factors, your skin needs some quality shuteye. While you sleep, blood circulation increases, bringing more oxygen to skin cells. This process promotes the rebuilding of collagen levels and the repair or replacement of damaged skin cells. Of course, don’t forget to cleanse your face before bed! Free radicals and clogged pores can lead to extensive damage alongside a dull, tired appearance. Optimal sleep requirements will vary for everyone, but aiming for an average eight hours and noting how improved sleep hygiene shows through a more radiant complexion can help to better determine how much beauty sleep your body needs.

Get a Facial Massage—Or DIY It

There is some merit to those trendy facial rollers and dry brushes—both kinds of gadgets massage the skin’s surface, encouraging blood circulation alongside other benefits. Like a morning cup of coffee, facial massages can do wonders to perk up your appearance in the mornings. In the evenings, this technique can help to release tension in your facial muscles, preventing fine lines from developing into deeper wrinkles. Whether you use a roller, dry brush, or your fingertips, consider adding a serum or facial oil to the mix for a little burst of moisture and a little extra glow. Massage upwards and outwards to get blood moving and encourage skin cell turnover. (As an added bonus, massage can also help to relieve stress, reducing your level of cortisol, a stress hormone known for causing a dull skin tone and risking premature aging.)

Favor a Little More Hyaluronic Acid in Your Skin Care

Hyaluronic acid is a hard worker! Naturally occurring in the skin, this acid does the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping skin cells stable, protected, and continuously renewing for gorgeous, glowing skin. As well, hyaluronic acid is classified as a humectant, which means it helps to draw in moisture from the air and lock it into the skin. Generally speaking, just one gram of hyaluronic acid can retain a maximum of six liters of water, but the humectant is also smart enough to not overwhelm skin with moisture. For dry, dehydrated skin, give your complexion a moisture surge with serums or creams containing hyaluronic acid to improve skin hydration for a plumper, healthier-looking complexion.

Don’t Skip the Toner

While there are many skin care steps that may seem superfluous, toner is not one of them—particularly if you’re hoping for a hydrated and radiant complexion. Serums and creams don’t have much to work with if your skin is dry; there isn’t much moisture these products can lock in to improve the appearance of dehydrated skin. In some ways, to your skin, toner may be considered a glass of thirst-quenching water. They add moisture to the upper layer of the skin, improving moisture levels in the skin’s lipid barrier and allowing water to penetrate more deeply into the skin and stay there when immediately followed up by your daily night or day cream (plus sunscreen for the daytime).

Opt for a Facial Rejuvenation Treatment for the Ultimate Glow

When cleansers, serums, creams, and massages won’t do, bring in the reinforcements! Facial rejuvenation treatments like Venus Glow™ can offer a serious burst of moisture to dry, dull skin while reaching down below the skin’s surface to remove buildup in pores for a deeper clean. These treatments work by combining the cleansing power of a gentle vacuum suction, a 360-degree rotating tip, and ultra-fine jet streams of purified water to simultaneously cleanse and moisturize skin. The vacuum suction gently pulls skin upward to open up pores and remove any buildup deep within, while two jet streams, each finer than a single strand of hair, deliver purified water deeper into pores to flush out debris and deliver a burst of moisture. Finally, the rotating tip helps to massage skin, promoting increased circulation to support greater collagen production and healthy skin cell renewal post-treatment. The end result: an immediately brighter, cleaner, and more revitalized complexion for all skin types.

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