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Coming Soon to Venus Skin – Stem Cell Therapy & Body Lift

Coming Soon to Venus Skin – Stem Cell Therapy & Body Lift

We’re sure you know by now the importance of a gentle cleanser, a good moisturizer, and the power of active ingredients delivered through serums.

Beauty innovation and technology is our passion, which is why we are so excited to let you know about what’s coming next for Venus Skin.

Stem Cell Therapy

This two-product line, consisting of Stem Cell Therapy Serum and Stem Cell Therapy Accelerator, can be used separately but has been clinically tested as more effective when used together. Stems Cell Therapy enables unparalleled wound healing, anti aging, and improved overall skin health. The Stem Cell Therapy Serum and Accelerator are soon to become an essential booster to your Venus Skin routine, in preventing lines, wrinkles, pigment change, and loss of volume and elasticity.

Body Lift

You may already be experiencing effective and comfortable skin tightening results through our Venus Treatments radio frequency technologies like Venus Swan, Venus Freeze, and Venus Legacy. You can, however, help maintain and improve these results at home with the soon to be released Venus Skin Body Lift. This luxurious crème is tested and proven to improve cellulite and lymphatic drainage, through a powerful blend of active ingredients. Venus Skin Body Lift is to be used immediately following Venus Treatments for the body, daily at home throughout a series of body treatments to increase effectiveness, and following to maintain results.

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