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CBS Miami talks skin tightening and the Venus Legacy with Dr. Leslie Baumann

CBS Miami talks skin tightening and the Venus Legacy with Dr. Leslie Baumann

In a recent feature on new, non-invasive treatments to zap body fat and cellulite, the team at CBS Miami discovered what makes the Venus Legacy so powerful and effective. Watch dermatologist Dr. Leslie Baumann of the Baumann Cosmetic and Research Institute explain how patients can experience a relaxing, painless medical aesthetics treatment, while achieving amazing results.

The holiday season provides many temptations for overindulging, and many turn to crash dieting, which often fails, or invasive surgical procedures like liposuction, which are not without their downtime. The quest for a flatter tummy or cellulite free physique does not have to be this drastic.

Patients of Dr. Baumann see benefits with the Venus Legacy in relaxing, hot stone massage-like treatments, which show results in as little as 15 minute long sessions.

CBS Miami featured a patient looking for “firmer, tighter looking skin”, and she was able to start achieving her goal with the Venus Legacy’s patented, pain free technology.

As both founder, professor, writer, and researcher at the Baumann Cosmetic Research Institute, Dr. Baumann can easily sum up and validate what makes the Venus Legacy different:

“Your skin is made of collagen, and collagen is like a rope – it’s a triple helix. When you heat collagen, it shrinks”.

The Venus Legacy delivers on shrinking fat and tightening skin, both in a pain free, relaxing treatment experience.

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