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5 Mistakes Patients Make When It Comes to Aesthetic Treatments

5 Mistakes Patients Make When It Comes to Aesthetic Treatments

As a patient, you play a key role in achieving a positive outcome from your treatments. While many might think finding the right aesthetic treatments professional is a simple task, there are some common mistakes they often make that could affect their results. No matter the treatment, your actions can have a significant impact on both short-term and long-term outcomes, so ensure you pay attention to these five key mistakes to avoid any mishaps and to achieve your desired results.

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid for Better Aesthetic Treatment Outcomes

Not Paying Attention to Pricing Beyond the Cost

While a discounted service from a fairly reputable provider may be tempting, the full cost of an aesthetic treatment plan, beyond the initial price tag, is a necessary consideration. Take note of what may be included outside of the treatments and whether the overall price tag matches the services you’ll be receiving. While upscale perks may be worth additional fees for a few, some clinics may use those same perks to pad their profits. On the other hand, clinics may undercut their prices so far that their profit margins suffer, meaning they’re more likely to cross-schedule treatments and rush through appointments, the effects of which may be reflected in your overall outcome. When the price does not seem to align with the services, always ask for clarification and a breakdown of fees. Pay particular attention to the device brand and treatment technology the clinic uses. Often, lower fees may reflect a clinic’s use of an off-brand device that, while it may be similar to what you have researched, could feasibly result in different outcomes. Clinics that use trusted or well-known devices and products will be eager to mention them by name and offer detailed information on them when requested. Finally, if you are paying per treatment session rather than paying for a treatment plan, ask whether the cost per session might change throughout your plan or if you are locked in at the current price. This is especially important for those seeking treatments between December and January, as many clinics will review their price list and initiate increases at the beginning of the year to keep in line with their costs and inflation. 

Not Asking Questions or Making an Impulsive Decision

Make sure you have all your questions answered before committing to a treatment plan. Even if you feel shy about asking what you might perceive to be a simple question, it’s likely other patients have asked it before. The treatment provider should display a level of patience and understanding while you clarify your choices and outcomes prior to committing to a plan. Furthermore, trusted providers understand that opting for a plan can be nerve-wracking for patients, so they should not place any undue pressure on having you commit at the end of your consultation. Professional clinics should never pressure you to sign up for a treatment plan on deadline. Always ensure that, after you clarify, you take some time to review your options before deciding. Use that time to consider if you have any more questions or book consultations with other treatment providers to ensure you have the right match. Finally, to avoid buyer’s remorse, do not act purely on impulse or excitement.  

Focusing Too Much on Written Reviews

Online reviews are a useful tool for narrowing down aesthetic treatment providers but consider taking written reviews with a grain of salt. As some clinics gain success, competitors can undermine online review sites and easily fake negative reviews to stifle their success. Keep negative reviews in consideration but put further trust in those reviewers that post photos of their results or the clinic’s interior alongside their written comments. These reviews are more difficult to fake as they tend to offer more detail. If you’re still on the fence about a particular clinic, book a consultation to see for yourself whether they offer the treatments, environment, and overall experience that you want. You can also take this time to address negative reviews online to see how they might resolve sub-optimal outcomes should you find yourself in that situation.

Not Properly Considering Before-and-After Photos

While some providers may post Before-and-After photos online, always ask to see more photos during your initial consultation. Those posted online tend to be a highlight reel of the most impressive outcomes. While it’s always positive to have a visual reference point, results will vary by patient, particularly for those with darker or tanned skin tones. Before committing to a plan, consider if the treatment provider has the expertise and proper equipment to achieve optimal results for patients that look similar to you. Have the treatment provider outline what plan each patient received and ask them to highlight Before-and-After images of patients that presented similar concerns or requests like yourself. The more you’re able to see yourself in these Before-and-After galleries, the more confident you can be in your decision to sign on for a treatment plan. If you’re unable to see yourself in these pictures, simply ask the provider how your treatment and consequent outcomes might vary. As mentioned earlier, never be shy to ask questions. Treatment providers expect it and should schedule an adequate amount of time or offer a care coordinator contact to ensure all your questions are answered, and that includes browsing through Before-and-After photos.

Skipping Out on Pre- and Post-Treatment Care Recommendations

Even with an expert, your aesthetic outcome is ultimately in your hands. Not taking your provider’s pre- and post-treatment care guidelines seriously is perhaps the biggest mistake patients make that can significantly alter the overall result. Achieving the desired outcome certainly depends on the technology used and the provider’s skill at using it. However, the results achieved through aesthetic treatments can be influenced by simple steps to ensure optimal pre- and post-treatment care, and it’s important to pay attention to them. Further, don’t take post-treatment product recommendations lightly. While you might be able to find similar skin care products online or in a beauty store, it can often be tough to find an adequate line of products that are sold and trusted by aesthetic treatment professionals. Usually, there is a reason they recommend a product to you. If it’s something you’re not sure you can afford, be honest and let them know. Ask if it’s possible to purchase a smaller version, such as a travel or trial size, rather than a full-size product to better budget the cost. You could also inquire if they offer a discount for purchasing post-treatment skin care products as a package. Your treatment professional is invested in your outcome too, so their tips for optimizing your results are sincerely for your benefit. Don’t take this information lightly.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the results of your aesthetic treatment are in your hands. Do your due diligence. Research treatment providers in your area alongside the devices and treatments they offer. Understand what realistic outcomes you can expect and note what you can do to help swing the results in your favor. The best aesthetic treatment professionals will take their time to ensure you understand all the details and will recommend a customized treatment plan to meet your unique aesthetic goals. Don’t settle for less.

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