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4 Things to Consider Before You Go Bare Down There

4 Things to Consider Before You Go Bare Down There

Are you dreaming of the day you’re hair-free down there sans waxing or shaving? Before committing to taking it all off with a full Brazilian laser hair removal program, consider these four points.

Pubic Hair Trends Change

Brazilian waxing really started to become a trend in the ‘90s, but its popularity is starting to dwindle. Some of the top celebs are fessing up to their grooming habits when it comes to their lady bits and the “full bush” is on the rise again. Some other pubic hair trends of late include vajazzling (adorning the area with jewels and other decorations), the landing strip, and the “full-bush Brazilian” (where the labia is clean, but the rest is au naturel). So, before you take the plunge to go permanently bare, be certain of your choice, as it may become out of vogue at some point.

Beware of the Comfort Factor

While laser hair removal treatments have come a far way from their early days on the market, most treatments today are quite comfortable. However, with so many nerve endings down there, this area is naturally more sensitive. Do you admittedly have a low threshold for pain? If so, a full Brazilian laser hair removal program may be a lot to handle to start. Instead, consider beginning with a treatment along the bikini line to test if you’re comfortable with the sensation, rather than going all or nothing.

There Are Benefits to Having Some Pubic Hair

Removing pubic hair can cause irritation and inflammation to the hair follicles left behind. While this may be temporary, the benefits of letting your hair grow may help you avoid infections or potential chafing. While you may feel confident in those jeans that fit like a glove, if you’re getting the full Brazilian laser hair removal treatment, you’ll have to put them in the back of your drawer for a while.

Your Labia Isn’t Immune to Gravity

Let’s get real. Just like every other part of our bodies, with age, your labia will start to droop. Sure, there are surgeries and treatments to reverse the effects of aging and gravity, but there may be a time when having a little hair down there could really help mask this particular sign of aging.

The Beginner’s Solution: Bikini Laser Hair Removal

If you’re ready to take the plunge from bikini to full Brazilian, the first step would be to have a certified laser hair removal specialist test a patch of your skin to evaluate your reaction to the laser and your comfort level prior to treating your bikini area.

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