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MD Beauty Labs

About MD Beauty Labs

MD Beauty Labs directed by Dr. Daniela Dadurian, is downtown West Palm Beach’s new upscale contemporary Medical Spa. This state of the art facility features the latest in laser technologies for body slimming and contouring, cellulite reduction and skin tightening. As a leader in the medical spa industry, Dr. Dadurian offers an array of services including, botox, fillers, laser liposuction, hair removal, weight loss consultations, hormonal therapies, IV vitamin therapy, sapphire photo abrasion, ultrasonic facials, oxygen facials, deep pore facials and massage therapies. This luxurious environment makes for a perfect day at the spa. MD Beauty Labs is located in The Whitney Condominium building at 320 S. Quadrille Blvd, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401. For more information please contact 561-655- MDBL (6325) or visit


List of treatments offered at MD Beauty Labs:

  • Botox®
  • Juvederm xc
  • Radiesse
  • Artefill
  • Vampire Lift
  • IPL
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Ematrix
  • Venus Freeze
  • Slim Lipo
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Zerona
  • Weight Loss Consultation
  • HCG Diet
  • Ideal Protein
  • IV Vitamin Therapy
  • PhotoDynamic Therapy
  • Chemical Peels
  • Facial
  • Oxygen Facial
  • Sapphire PhotoAbrasion
  • Ultrasonic Facial
  • Iron Mask Facial
  • Massage Therapy
  • Blu U Acne Therapy
  • Alcat Food And Allergy Testing
  • Functional Intracellular Analysis
  • Skin Care


[tst_start title="Testimonials"] [tst_slide author="Anonymous"]The best part for me is that I feel comfortable in my own skin.[/tst_slide] [tst_slide author="C. Douglas" author_desc=", West Palm Beach"]Sometimes your expectations are truly met…That has been my experience with Dr. Daniela Dadurian at M.D. Beauty Labs. So much of what is hyped out there really falls short of your expectations, but that has not been the case regarding my experience with MD Beauty Labs. Dr. Dadurian is a true caring, honest and knowledable professional and her services are “cutting edge”… with no cutting involved !! She is my antidote to the “bad face day.” It is without reservation that I recommend her services to you.[/tst_slide] [tst_slide author="M. Rothwell" author_desc=", West Palm Beach, Florida"] My results were everything you promised and then some! You have not only erased years of nasty sun-worshipping off my face and neck, you have given me back a glow that makes me feel terrific![/tst_slide] [tst_slide author="J. Castano" author_desc=", West Palm Beach, Florida"] After years of suffering with acne, there is finally a solution for me! Dr. Dadurian has helped to clear my skin and keep it glowing. I can now walk into a room with confidence and feel great about the way I look. [/tst_slide] [tst_slide author="Nicole" author_desc=", West Palm Beach"] I’ve hated my profile for years. But I was too scared to use surgery to improve my look. Dr. Dadurian dramatically improved my profile and appearance in just minutes! I can’t believe how many compliments I get. The best part is – no one can tell I’ve had any work done they just notice how great I look! I’m forever grateful![/tst_slide] [/tst_start]