Dr Tess Dermatology & Cosmetic Center in La Jolla

Dr Tess Dermatology & Cosmetic Center in La Jolla

About Scripps Ranch Dermatology and Cosmetic Center

Dr Tess Mauricio is a Board Certified Dermatologist, a graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine, and a Summa Cum Laude graduate of The University of California San Diego. She is the founder of Scripps Ranch Dermatology & Cosmetic Center and was the youngest woman to hold the position of President of The San Diego Society of Dermatologic Surgery.

Dr Mauricio is a published author, renowned speaker and physician educator.  She has educated thousands across the globe in technologies she has helped pioneer, including Refirme, Triniti, Matrix RF, Velashape, Lipolite laser lipo, and VASER liposelection, and continues to be at the forefront of technological advances as a leader in her field.  She was awarded the prestigious Asian Heritage Award in 2009, the US Department of Commerce Association “Best in San Diego 2010″ and was named one of the Best Dressed Women in San Diego. Less than a year after opening a new clinic in La Jolla, Dr. Tess became a Gold Medal Winner in the La Jolla Village News “Readers Choice Awards 2011″ after being voted Best Dermatologist. She has been named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the US, and was also crowned Mrs. Philippines San Diego 2011.

She is a regular on TV and in print, having been featured internationally in Cosmopolitan Magazine UK, Philippines YES, and France’s Les Nouvelles Estetiques. In the US, you may have seen her in Cosmo magazine, The Aesthetic Buyer’s Guide, Asia Magazine, American Health & Beauty, and countless other publications.  She has been seen on The Rachael Ray Show, America’s Next Top Model, FOX News, CW6 San Diego, Local 8 News, San Diego Living, The Wellness Hour, and The Doctors.
America’s Favorite Dermatologist, Dr. Tess Mauricio: Give the Gift of Beauty on San Diego Living

Treatments Offered

At Dr Tess Dermatology & Cosmetic Center in La Jolla we offer the following services:

ELOS Blue Light Acne Laser

  • PDT for Acne
  • Chemical Peels
  • Cortisone Shots
  • Extractions

Body Shaping

  • VASER Liposelection
  • Liposculpture
  • Velashape for Cellulite
  • Zerona Body Contouring
  • Nose Re-Shaping – Non-Surgical Nose Job!
  • Jaw Re-Shaping – Shape Your Face Without Surgery!
  • Tickle Lipo (aka N.I.L. – Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture)
  • Renuvia Fat Transfer


  • Botox
  • Dysport
  • Restylane Dermal Filler
  • Juvederm Dermal Filler
  • Jaw Re-Shaping – Shape Your Face Without Surgery!
  • Electrocautery for Skin Tags
  • ELOS Laser Hair Removal
  • Sclerotherapy for Leg Veins
  • Earlobe Tear Repair
  • Post Surgical Scars Treatment

Skin Rejuvenation

  • Matrix RF / eMatrix
  • Triniti
  • ELOS Refirme
  • ELOS Fotofacial RF
  • Fractional CO2 / Mixto Fractional CO2
  • Dermaroller
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Photodynamic Therapy
  • Venus Freeze

More Videos

Dr. Tess Mauricio talks Venus Freeze on the Weekend News

Dr. Tess Mauricio visits Venus Concept

[tst_start title="Testimonials"] [tst_slide author="Dr. C" author_desc=", ..."] Very welcoming, warm & caring office staff. Dr. Mauricio is an extremely knowledgeable & skilled provider.  Her recommendations are always based on sound clinical judgment & experience while always taking into account patient’s concerns.
[/tst_slide] [tst_slide author="James B." author_desc=", ..."] Dr. Mauricio, I will never be able to fully express how grateful I am for the artistic way you have sculptured my physique. The difference between my before and after photos show your amazing skills at transforming the human body. Not only do I look great, I feel great. I now demonstrate a renewed confidence and uplifted spirit in my day to day life that actually attracts people to me like never before.
The skills and deep concern for your patient’s physical and mental well-being demonstrated by you and your staff go way more than skin deep. Thank you so much for what you have done for my life. You are the premier doctor in this field.
[/tst_slide] [tst_slide author="Melissa F." author_desc=", ..."] I received dermatologist treatments for my acne as well as botox treatments prior to my wedding as was VERY happy with the results! My skin looked great in my wedding pictures!
I will continue to go to SDRCC for my skin care needs and have referred my mom there as well.
Great place-great staff! :)
[/tst_slide] [tst_slide author="C.G." author_desc=", ..."] I live abroad but return to San Diego frequently to visit my family & friends, and have facial treatments performed by Dr. Tess & Angela.  The results have been subtle but very effective. When I return home, my friend always say I look refreshed and my skin looks great, but they can’t figure out what I’ve done!
[/tst_slide] [tst_slide author="Mary L." author_desc=", ..."] I have been a patient of Dr. Mauricio for years now. The entire staff is always extremely courteous and professional. I have never been so satisfied or impressed with the results of my botox treatments. Long lasting results with no furrow lines between my brows.
Thank you Dr. Mauricio for always providing excellent customer service with exceptional quality products! customer service with exceptional quality products!
[/tst_slide] [tst_slide author="J. Dou" author_desc=", ..."] I have been a patient of Dr. Mauricio for a couple of years. I have had ReFirme and Matrix IR along with some injections of Juvederm. I was a long time sun worshiper and my skin started to show it. My skin has tightened and many wrinkles have disappeared! I really do look about 5 – 10 years younger than I did. All the treatments have been so easy and pain free! I am so pleased with the results I have received, I will continue to see Dr. Mauricio on a regular basis.
[tst_slide author="Karen" author_desc=", ..."] I was so relieved to see that your dermatology clinic was so professionally run and the staff so friendly and welcoming. I’m on my 5th Matrix treatment and I’m so pleased with the results. Everybody where I work has noticed how much younger and fresh I look. I was looking forward to each treatment after the first! Thank you and keep up the good work.
[/tst_slide] [tst_slide author="S.M." author_desc=", ..."] Every once in a while, we as patients are blessed enough to encounter a truly gifted doctor.  Dr. Mauricio not only exudes style, grace and beauty, but her wisdom and artistry as a physician are incredible. I have been a patient for the last three years and I have put my total trust in her hands. From her diagnosis for mole removal to her artistic skill with lasers (Matrix RF) and fillers, she has helped my self-esteem to grow. Next year at age 55 and a qualified senior citizen, I will age gracefully in the hands of Dr. Tess Mauricio!
[/tst_slide] [tst_slide author="Mitch" author_desc=", ..."] I had deep pock-marked scars and discoloration on both my cheeks from severe acne. Always self-conscious about it, I would awkwardly try to cover my cheeks with both hands if I was talking with someone up close. I hate to wear makeup but still I would do so to try and cover it up. This only minimally covered the discoloration but exacerbated the deep scarring.
I finally decided to do something about it. I started researching possible treatments and visiting doctor’s offices. I wasn’t happy with the answers nor the doctors and resolved to give up and just live with it – until someone I know recommended Dr. Mauricio.
I made an appointment to see Dr. Mauricio and instantly felt comfortable with her and her staff. They cared about my problem and wanted to make it better for me. Dr. Mauricio suggested Fraxel. It sounded good and she made me feel safe about it. What really made me feel secure was that she herself was going to do the treatments, not a technician. She explained the whole process to me and how it works.
After hearing the plan, my goal was to use just as much makeup as I’m comfortable with to cover up the scarring. After 5 treatments with one more to go, I don’t feel that I need to use makeup at all! I’m so satisfied with the Fraxel treatments and Dr. Mauricio’s office. I don’t have to talk with my hands over my cheeks anymore!
I’ll see you soon! Thank you.
[/tst_slide] [tst_slide author="S. Martinez" author_desc=", ..."] “I would feel sad when I looked in the mirror and saw spots and freckles on my face, neck and chest. I found Dr. Tess Mauricio and she helped me to feel good about myself again.
I had photodynamic therapy which really helped to clear up my skin. My mother and son were so impressed with my new skin, and they commented on how clear and creamy it is. I love it! I am now having ReFirme treatments and it really is a miracle! My skin is firmer and looking younger. I am so very grateful. The difference is incredible!
I also had sclerotherapy for the spider veins in my legs. I should have done this 20 years ago! I can now wear skirts and shorts again, and the best part is that it was painless. My husband LOVES my legs. No more veins! Just clear skin!
If you want to roll back the years on your body, you will be happy to know that you can! I am so happy to have found Dr. Mauricio. She is an EXPERT that you can trust completely. You will feel so comfortable with her. She has a sweet and loving spirit. Her expertise is my happiness. Every time I look in the mirror, I say ‘Thank you Dr. Mauricio, you gave me back my life.’”
[/tst_slide] [tst_slide author="Rita" author_desc=", ..."] I have had a series of five ReFirme treatments with two touchups. I saw results with the first session.  The results were better each time. My cheeks are no longer sallow, but are plumper due to the collagen growth. The most dramatic improvement is in my jowls, which are now firm. People take me for 50 or even younger. I am 63!
[/tst_slide] [/tst_start]